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Rideau Lakes Zen is a unique Canadian Zen practice.​

We have a family-oriented, monastic studies while living and working in the world program, as well as a general program for family members and friends.

Minimum age requirement is 18 for monastic studies.
There is no minimum age requirement for the family members program as long as the family members are accompanied by an adult.

We practice a variety of indoor and outdoor activities including meditation, photography, art and outdoor family activities. These activities are geared towards leading people to practice on their own.  This empowers individuals to begin to learn directly from their greatest teacher, the Universe.

Practice is held at a variety of indoor and outdoor locations and times.  Everyone is welcome, but our location varies and our doors are locked, so please contact us ahead of time.  Please be prepared by arriving with comfortable footwear and appropriate, layered clothing for outings.

Please Note:   We are on sabbatical for the time being.
Individuals wishing to practice are encouraged to study independently, either alone or with friends and family using the resources available here.
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Family Oriented - A Flowing Zen Perspective

Rideau Lakes Zen
As there are a variety of programs that make up Rideau Lakes Zen practice, participants are free to pursue a study path of their choice.

Participation in Rideau Lakes Zen Studies is a requirement for attending any programs, and Introduction to Rideau Lakes Zen needs to be completed prior to attending any general practice.

Rideau Lakes Zen is closest to but different from Soto Zen.