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Rideau Lakes Zen

Many of the Rideau Lakes Zen activities are practiced outdoors along the Rideau Canal corridor, a designated UNESCO World Heritage site and year-round public outdoor park system that is 202 km long travelling from Kingston to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

​However, almost any location will do.
While practicing Rideau Lakes Zen, individuals learn to naturally drift with clouds and flow with water along the Rideau's veritable smorgasbord of interconnected lakes, rivers, streams, forests, pathways and parks.

Photo By E. Wiest
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The Universe As Our Teacher

Practice - Our Prayer For World Peace.

Rideau Lakes Zen is a unique Canadian Zen practice  founded by Zen practitioner Janice Walter.

In Ten no Hikari (The Pure Light of Heaven) Zen, practitioners study a variety of exercises geared towards naturally waking up and finding inner peace. These exercises foster an appreciation for and a deeper understanding of the Universe.

Family Oriented - A Flowing Zen Perspective