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June 23, 2017
by Janice Walter

According to Professor Stevens, in order to avoid the constraints of temple life, the original Zen masters of China lived mostly outdoors. As well, in several of his translated works including Dewdrops on a Lotus Leaf: Zen Poems of Ryokan and Mountain Tasting: Zen Haiku by Santoka Taneda, Professor Stevens provides examples of Zen Masters such as Ryokan and Santoka walking and walking outdoors as part of their regular practice. In short, for modern times, being, sitting, skiing, learning, walking, swimming, drifting, flowing and practicing outdoors in Zen Temple of the Clear Blue Sky - a vast resource that spans the globe - is important to an individual’s overall spiritual development.  Almost any location will do including right where one is.  As in this example pictured above, over time one can discover more about the Light of Heaven that resides within by learning to sit quietly, observe and study nature.

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, a sunny day outside proves it is no wonder it is called Zen Temple of the Clear Blue Sky. It can be expansive, vast emptiness very much the same as an enso. 

Outdoors under the clear blue skies of the Rideau, the Universe acts as each individual's silent, yet active guide, quite similar to Helen Keller’s teacher. It is up to each individual to wake up and begin to listen, notice and see. Being outdoors in Zen Temple of the Clear Blue Sky aids an individual in waking up to the wonders of the Universe in a naturally flowing manner.  

To the trees, to the shore, chant whatever is in your heart!
The Universe (God) is our greatest teacher, our greatest friend.
Kwatz! (Practice!)
Katsu! (Wake up! Victory at the speed of Light!)

God is our Light
The Clear Light of the Universe is our Light

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