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Tenno Hikari Ji 
Rideau Lakes Zen
Aikiko Aikido*
Monastic Rule
A Defensive Only Martial Art
Ten Hikari Books
Walking Through The Forest
Appropriate Control
Amaterasu Art
Art the Universe Creates
The Divine Outdoors
Tenno Hikari Zen*
The Universe As Our Teacher
Loyalty, Fidelity, Devotion
A Naturally Flowing Zen Path
 of Harmony, Clarity and Pure Light
Ten (Heaven) Seal Script
By Amaterasu
A Family & Friends-Oriented, Monastic & Family Practice
A Flowing Zen Perspective
Katsu! Victory At The Speed of Light

Our Prayer For World Peace
The Pure Light of the Universe is our Light.
(God in Christian terms.)
*Enso by Professor John Stevens Sensei
Zen Temple of the Clear Blue Sky
By Amaterasu

The Universe As Our Teacher
A New Vehicle
By Amaterasu

Our Prayer For World Peace
Find Heaven Right Where You Are Standing
Divine Pure Light Harmony
By Amaterasu
Faithful Loving Tenno Hikari Monogamous Couple
By Amaterasu