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Rideau Lakes Zen
Janice Walter is the founder of Rideau Lakes Zen.  She has a loving family and lives and works in the business world.

Her mentor, Professor John Stevens Sensei, is a dedicated, kind, and hard working individual. He is a Soto Zen priest who studied a number of different forms of Japanese Zen while living in Japan for many years. 

Like Professor Stevens, Janice teaches how to have a relationship with the Light, Love, Courage and Peace of the Universe based on the Universe being our greatest teacher and friend and following a naturally flowing Path of Light.

Rideau Lakes Zen (​Ten no Hikari/The Light of Heaven Zen) is a family-oriented practice.  It is an eclectic combination of bits of Soto Zen, Shinto (Way of the Gods), Aikido (a spiritual martial art), as well as a new gift from the Universe, Amaterasu Art (art which the Universe creates).
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"The Universe is our greatest teacher, our greatest friend."
Morihei Ueshiba, O'Sensei
Founder of Aikido

The above philosophy is Universal and timeless.
Family Oriented - A Flowing Zen Perspective